New rules for visiting the park safely

The Waterfall Park is open every day

Opening hours: 10am till 6pm (last entry 4pm)


Reservation is not required; we have made sure that the paths and spaces are safe according to current regulations to ensure everyone's safety.


Daily access is limited to a maximum number of visitors in order to comply with social distancing rules within the park boundaries.


  • FREE PARKING: It is forbidden for people to stay in the parking lot, in order to avoid gatherings.

  • STROLLERS: Access not allowed; strollers are also forbidden along the path leading to the Park and must be left in cars. For small children we recommend the use of a baby carrier or backpack.

  • MOTORCYCLE HELMETS AND BAGS: It is currently NOT possible to deposit helmets or other equipment at the ticket office. Each visitor must always carry their own possessions. We apologize for any inconvenience.

  • RESTAURANT: the bar is accessible in compliance with the COVID standards and with access limited to the maximum number of people allowed to guarantee social distancing.

  • PICNIC AREAS: the picnic areas are always accessible, respecting the mandatory distance of at least one metre for non-household members. The park regularly sanitizes tables and benches. Bags, backpacks, coolers or other personal items cannot be left to occupy the tables. It is important to use the appropriate recycling bins for any waste.

  • SWING AT THE BLACK WATERFALL: the swing is open and hand sanitization is mandatory before use. We take care of the regular sanitation of the swing. While waiting for a ride on the swing and in the presence of other people it is mandatory to wear a face mask.

  • ROUTES: All Paths are open (Gree, Red, Black). Paths are circular routes and it is necessary to follow the indications (it is absolutely forbidden to follow directions other than those indicated). The BLACK Path closes at 17.30.

  • During the stay in the Park it is mandatory to wear a face mask in closed places and when it is not possible to maintain the safety distance between non-household members.

The Waterfall Park has carried out all the preventive actions foreseen by the regulations for the safety of its visitors and workers but counts on everyone’s collaboration to comply with the rules and recommendations.

Our staff will measure the visitors’ body temperature with a non-contact thermometer. Visitors with feverish symptoms will not be allowed access to the premises.

Visitors must wear a face mask when required and disinfect their hands.

Further recommendations for a safe visit

  • The paths in the Park are accessible only on foot (the paths are not accessible by wheelchair).

  • Do not leave the marked paths and routes.

  • The Park is a protected area: it is strictly forbidden to enter the water.

  • Dogs are admitted to the Park as long as they are kept on a leash and cannot enter the water; if ecessary, a muzzle is required.

  • Do not leave litter, waste or butts on the ground. Waste must be separated and disposed of in the ppropriate containers along the routes.

  • Do not light fires.

  • Respect the peaceful environment and avoid unnecessary noise.

  • Do not collect or damage flowers, plants and fungi.

  • Do not remove minerals and / or fossils.

  • Observe the instructions when using the aerobatic equipment.

  • Wear sturdy shoes. In the event of rain, hiking boots are required.

  • Free camping is forbidden inside the park.

  • Keep the entrance ticket during the visit and show it to the staff if required. Anyone without it will have to pay the full price again.

  • In the event of damage, dangerous situations or problems, use the SOS columns inside the park or contact us by phone (045 7720185).

  • The Park staff will willingly give you tips and advice for visiting other nearby tourist spots.