The Malga

The Malga turnaria

The Malga is a typical building for dairying milk and selling its products. It is particularly frequent in high mountains. There are two kinds of Malga: the Malga d’alpeggio (that is, for alpine pasture) and the Malga turnaria.
In Molina we have a Malga turnaria, which was created in 1879. Turnaria is an adjective that indicates a type of social organization. Every morning each member had to take to the Malga his cows’ milk, which was worked in turn to produce cheese. The Malga was open all year round.
Originally, the structure was located next to the school (today’s Botanical Museum). In 1958 it was moved to the road to Cerna. There are two rooms inside. The first, called "logo del fogo" (fire place), is the place where cheese is produced. The other, called "logo del late" (milk place), is used as a deposit for freshly milked milk. The activity was ruled by a statute that set precise administrative and hygienic rules. The Malga was kept in function for about a century and closed in 1981. Just three years before, in 1978, it had eighteen members. The building has been recently restored according to today’s legislation, in order to allow its use for didactic purposes.